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Wondering where your order is? If you have not received your order within 6 working days from the day the order was placed you should:

1. First check with your local post office to see it your package is there.
2. If your package is not at your post office call our Call Center with your name and/or the name of the person you were shipping to, the date of your order, address to ship to and contact information for you. The Email to

Did you receive the wrong item or an item you didn't order? Call and  indicate the item that arrived instead of what you did order. Let us know whether you need a refund or a replacement sent to you.

How do you change your order? You can make changes to orders from Pale Horse Publishing that have not yet entered the shipping process.

Order placed:

Online: Send an e-mail to with 'Change My Order' in the subject line to notify us of the change.


Due to the volume of packages we ship each day, it is impossible to locate and make changes to any package once it has entered the shipping process.

Canceling items, combining orders, or changing your shipping address, speed, or preference might affect your order's cost and delivery time.

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Return Policy for Custody Products

    Our Products Are Never Sent Out On Approval.

If You Are Not Serious About Winning Custody of Your Children

Don't Order Our Products.

 Our products are shipped under a no return policy.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE with the terms and conditions of this agreement, Don't Order Our Products.

We have no other return Policy for Retail or Wholesale.

We sell information, in the form of Books, Video, Audio Tapes, CD's Workbooks or Classes

Our policy is strict because our information is expensive to obtain and update each year.

Judges, Attorneys, Psychologists, Social Workers and Parents tell us they can't find anything like our products anywhere else.

If you know more than we do, don't order our products.

Why is our return policy so tough?

Because we are just as tired of people playing at this as you are. 

We put together serious products for serious adults. 

Please don't be offended. 

Just don't order if you can't understand or accept this return policy.

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